Audrey, Hannah & Libby Decker Seeking Mouthful & Cuntful

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Three little w h o r e s,
Three little w h o r e s,
See how they s u c k,
See how they f u c k,
Their daddy feels them up all day,
Their daddy probes their c u n t s all day,
Their days pimps them out all nite,
They're three D e c k e r w h o r e s!

Why doesn't Mark W. Decker have a professional page on LinkedIn or
Spoke or ZoomInfo highlighting his past employment history?

ANSWER: Because he has an abysmally bad and appalling business record
as a president and/or company executive replete with: 1) running the
organizations into the ground, 2) filing for corporate bankruptcy, 3)
charges of bribing federal contractors, 4) draining company finances,
5) retaliating against those who "whistle-blew" on him, etc. etc. etc

Hiring Mark W Decker (aka Mark Wilson Decker)?

Make damn sure you google this jerk: is a wanking masturbator

Mark W. Decker (the "w" stands for "wiener" which he scratches)
Jennifer L. Racey (probably wife)
289 Long Point Road (assessed value of $968,280 as of 1/1/05)
Crownsville, MD 21032-1853
DOB: January 7, 1957 according to
SSN: 212-60-0049

Meet the Decker Family of Phantom Shitters:

Rest in Hell Decker Family: