Bombki od Doroszko

Kolorowe i wesołe bombki to ukłon w stronę zapomnianego dzieciństwa. Jeżeli szukasz prezentu dla najbliższych, zobacz koniecznie więcej propozycji.

/6 lat temu
Hello, Apologies we don't speak any Polish. Strategy House is organising a Christmas Market at a shop in London starting 28th of November 2011. We are very impressed with your innovative Christmas decoration that we've found on the internet. We would like to order a selection of your goods for this business venture. Please send us any other Christmas ideas through you might have. As this is our initial order with you we would like to order 100pcs each as a market trial.. Depending on market update we plan to upscale the subsequent orders. Please advise us also on the unit price for the stated quantities. What is your fastest delivery time in order to meet the deadline of having all stock in London by the 25th of November 2011. Please do not hesitate and contact us should you have any further question. Thank you very much for your consideration. Best regards, Andrea Hauer Strategy House c/o Andrea Hauer 25-27 Courtfield Road, Unit 3 SW& 4DA London UK
/6 lat temu
Najpiękniejsze bombki w Polsce
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Wygladaja slicznie..wręcz bajkowo :)